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Camera options

New to photography? Not sure about how ISO and F-stop affect the depth of field? Todd Vorenkamp has a great online learning photography tutorial.

Understanding camera settings

Starting in v2.5.1, three buttons, Easy-button.png, Pro-button.png, and Reset-button.png, were added to the top of the settings modal. The Easy-button.png button hides the more complicated, advanced features that are not often used. The Pro-button.png button displays all user configurable camera capture settings, along with the network configuration tab. The Reset-button.png button resets all the user configurable camera capture settings to the default (factory reset) values, but doesn't change any network settings.

Settings Tab

Figure 2a: Setting tab SC2 / SC2+ / SC2X
Figure 2b: Setting tab SC1

Settings button 20150518222117.png Figure 2: Pressing the wrench in the Button Box brings up the Settings (or last selected) modal tab. Other selectable tabs appear across the top and are described in the sections below.

The Settings tab contains a column of values you have entered (requested) and another column of the actual values that will be used by the camera (allowed). The camera always tracks both your requested values and the actual values that will be used. Each time you exit the settings modal window, the requested values are saved and used the next time the camera is powered on. When a captured video is saved, an additional file, called the metadata file is also saved, where the metadata file will contain the settings actually used when the video was captured. The values in the metadata file match the allowed column values.

There is an interdependency between some of the capture parameters allowing you to specify some parameters with the camera returning the maximum value possible for all the unspecified values. If Horizontal and Vertical requested values are left blank, or both specified but not attainable, then the allowed values will mimic the aspect ratio as closed as the allowed values will permit. You can try multiple parameter requests until you are happy with the allowed parameters. For example, if the horizontal dimension is critical to the video capture, you can specify the width and leave one or more less critical setting blank. The camera will calculate the maximum allowed values for the blank settings given the specified width.

Field Dependencies Description
Sensitivity Not dependent on other arguments ISO sensitivity
Typical 'Sensitivity' Values : 'Film Speed' 1600-25600 ISO (6400-102,400 mono) for SC1, SC2, SC2+.
1,200 to 19,200 ISO For SC2X
Shutter Not dependent on other arguments Shutter speed (1/exposure time) of each frame.
Use a higher shutter speed to allow a higher frame rate.
FrameRate Always dependent on Shutter and conditionally dependent on Horizontal, Vertical if specified Frames per second
The higher the Frame Rate,the slower the motion.
Conditionally dependent on Frame rate if specified Horizontal and Vertical resolution in pixels.
Duration Always dependent on Frame rate, Horizontal and Vertical resolutions Captured video duration, including pre and post trigger times
Pre-trigger Not dependent on other arguments Percentage of the saved video that occurred BEFORE the trigger event.
Save Mode Not dependent on other arguments Three Save Mode options available to select what happens after a video has been captured:
Automatic capture then save, review before save, and Background save. Background save feature is available in software version 2.4 and later.
Shot Count Always dependent on Frame rate, Horizontal and Vertical resolutions, Duration, and Save Mode Shot Count is the number of shots you can take with these settings.The camera captures videos as triggered until the shot count is reached, then the captured videos can be reviewed or are automatically saved, depending on the Save Mode setting. Shot count is ignored when Save Mode is set to Background save.
Overclock Only available on SC1/SC2+/SC2X Models.
Not dependent on other arguments
Overclocking allow the sensor to operate faster than the maximum design speed.
A selection of overclock amounts from 'Off' being operating within the CMOS sensor's documented capabilities, and clock rate increasing A, B, C, and D for higher levels of overclocking, ranging approximately 10% to 40% faster. As a rule of thumb, we have observed good results with overclock C.
Sub-sampling Only available on SC1 Models
Not dependent on other arguments
Skips every other pixel and and every other line when the resolution is 1/4 or smaller of the maximum resolution. This effectively allows you to get a larger field of view when the camera is configured at a lower resolution. Works well with monochrome cameras. Some color artifacts may be present when enabled on color cameras.

If the desired Frame Rate is faster than that allowed by the Shutter value, then the maximum allowed Frame rate will be used. The desired Horizontal and/or Vertical size may also be reduced to meet the requested frame rate.

If a parameter is not specified, or if a parameter is in conflict with a higher priority parameter, then the largest possible parameter value that remains consistent with the higher priority values is used.


Camera options