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Camera usage

The information below should help you if you are wondering: What is my camera doing and why are those LEDs flashing different colors?

From power on to saved video

Stated simply, after power on, the edgertronic is constantly capturing frames of high speed video into an internal 8GB or 16GB buffer. When a trigger occurs, video before and/or after the trigger is captured. Once captured, the high speed video sequence in the buffer is encoded into an h.264 video file and saved. Once saved, the process starts all over again.

If you want to understand each step of the process, a State Transition Diagram (below) is helpful. To make it easier to understand what the camera is doing, a unique LED color pattern is displayed each step of the way. In addition, the same colors shown on the LEDs are used for the web U.I. progress bars.

In normal operation, the following five steps are repeated over and over again.

State (Camera LED) Description
(blinking yellow)
Camera is optimizing image quality by calibrating the sensor.
(blinking green)
Camera is filling the pre-trigger buffer.
Camera has filled the pre-trigger buffer and is overwriting oldest frames.
(blinking magenta)
Camera detected a trigger and is filling the post-trigger buffer.
(blinking blue)
Camera is saving the video frames from the pre-trigger and post-trigger buffers to a file.

Simplified state transition diagram

For most users, this is all the detail you need to know to successfully use the camera. The camera calibrates, capture video frames to the pre-trigger buffer until triggered, once triggered it then fills the post-trigger buffer and finally saves the captured video frames to a file. For those that prefer colors to words: blinking yellow, blinking green, green, blinking magenta, blinking blue.


Camera usage