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Specification and performance data

Ease of use

  • Simple web browser interaction - no need to install buggy custom software
  • No hard to see LCD, no hard to use limited LCD based camera control
  • Unique waterfall requested/allowed capture settings allowing maximum control over your most important setting
  • Trigger via Web UI, built in button, or external trigger
  • Multishot allowing you to take as much videos in succession as the camera DDR3 memory can hold
  • Convenience audio capture (not released)
  • Higher image quality, faster performance, and more features compared to other cameras using the same image sensor such as Fastec TS-3 and IL-3 series.


  • SD card
  • USB flash drive or hard disk
  • CIFS network storage
  • Detailed metadata file created with each captured video containing detailed configuration, environmental, and hardware information
  • Save multiple sets of camera settings to quickly configure the edgertronic camera with your favorite settings

Standards based

  • No custom host software - HTTP, HTML5, CSS allowing camera control using standard web browser
  • HTTP/JSON encoded camera control and status APIs - easily supported on integration platforms
  • Ethernet connectivity with support for TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, NTP, telnet
  • Camera control written in python, with ability for user to add python code to camera
  • Camera video encoding is done using GStreamer allowing customization of the encode pipelines

Multi-camera features

  • Genlock start of frame synchronization across multiple cameras
  • Multicast network trigger
  • Wired multi-camera trigger

Development philosophy

  • No extra charge for software features
  • Easily accessible software updates containing new features
  • Extensive on-line technical documentation updated regularly (see Recent changes for details)
  • Log into the camera. It runs Linux. You can use the camera as a general purpose computer if you want.


Specification and performance data