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About the camera

User Manual Introduction

What is a high speed camera?

A high speed video camera is designed around a specialized image sensor optimized for the unique requirements of high speed imaging. Readout speed and a global shutter is the main two difference between slow motion sensors and other sensors.

Readout speed The slow motion sensors used in the edgertronic high speed camera reads data out at ~1 GByte/sec.
Global shutter A global shutter exposes all the pixels to the incoming light simultaneously. Compare to a rolling shutter (also called a focal plane shutter), where different pixels in the image are exposed to the incoming light at different times, thus creating false images of fast moving objects.

Edgertronic high speed camera introduction

High speed camera lets you see events that are too fast for the naked eye. The edgertronic contains a specialized CMOS image sensor, ultra high speed electronics, memory, and image processing electronics in a compact form factor. A standard Nikon F mount allows the use of fast primes, zooms and other high quality lenses. The edgertronic runs a web server and connects to a computer/laptop to a LAN over Ethernet. The user directs a the Chrome web browser to the camera’s IP address and controls the camera via a user interface (UI) appearing in the web browser. The user can specify as many or as few of the settings as needed and the camera will fill in the remaining ones such that the maximum capabilities of the camera are utilized. This allows the user to optimally concentrate on the creative process.

While running, the edgertronic is constantly capturing frames of high speed video into an internal buffer. Depending on the camera model, frame size and frame rate, this buffer contains, at a minimum, the last 8 seconds of video. When a trigger occurs, video before and/or after the trigger is captured. This combination of continuous capture and a large buffer allows the user to trigger the edgertronic even after an event has occurred. Unpredictable events, like a lightning bolt, can be captured with ease.

Once captured, the high speed video sequence in the buffer is encoded into an H.264 video file and saved onto a removable SD card. Once saved, the H.264 video can be downloaded to the computer, or replayed in the web browser. Alternately, the user can remove the SD card and download the videos to their computer or laptop. High speed audio capture is not supported.

Edgertronic high speed camera with 50mm lens
back of edgertronic high speed camera with all the connections labeled

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