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Overclock settings

Overclocking occurs when a computer component is configured so that it runs faster than the speed specified by the manufacturer. Overclocking allows you to get more frames per second from the camera than previously possible.

Initial Configuration

You can access overclocking through the settings menu, selecting the Settings tab, then selecting one of the 4 overclock options.

The options determine how much more processing you want to get out of the sensor, with option D providing the fastest data capturing speed with around a 35% frame rate increase for SC1. SC2 and SC2X frame rate increase with option D is around 20%.


Overclocking may cause a variety of effects such as:

  • mirrored ghost image
  • increased power consumption
  • more heat or noise from the fan.
  • Overclock D may cause the camera to misbehave badly, potentially requiring a factory reset to recover. This is a rare occurance caused by overclock D pushing the electronics to their limits.

Overclocking is a bonus feature. Sanstreak makes no guarantee that some or all of the overclock settings will operate acceptably on your camera in all operation conditions.