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This feature available in v2.2 and newer software releases.

User experience

Configuring the camera

Nothing changed here; configure the camera as normal. Favorites allows you to name the current camera settings and then later activate a previously saved set of favorite settings.

Creating a favorite

Favorites tab details

Click on the wrench to bring up the configuration modal window. Click on the Favorites tab to switch to the pane of six favorite settings. To create a new favorite set from the current camera settings, click on one of the six Favorite boxes in the 2 x 3 grid which will bring up the Load/Save popup and then click the save button. Once, saved, the actual values that will be used by the camera are displayed in the appropriate Favorite box.

Selecting a favorite

In the Favorites tab, the six favorites are shown. Click on the Favorite boxes in the 2 x 3 grid which will bring up the Load/Save popup and then click the load button. Once, loaded, the previously saved requested values are loaded into the settings, which you can see by clicking on the Settings tab.

Delete a favorite

In the Favorites tab, each favorite box in the 2 x 3 grid will have a trash can icon if that favorite has been previously saved. Click on the trash can which will bring up the Delete popup and then click the delete button. The values in the selected favorites box will be erased.

Updating a favorite

Simply save the current settings over the favorite you want to update.

CAMAPI support

Currently there are three CAMAPI methods associated with camera settings:

  • get_current_settings() - returns settings that were provided to the last invocation of run().
  • configure_camera(None) - returns factory default settings.

To support favorites the following CAMAPI changes and additions are provided:

  • get_favorite_ids() - returns list of all saved setting by ID
  • get_favorite(id) - returns settings for favorite specified by ID
  • save_favorite(settings) - save a set of camera settings. The settings dictionary includes an ID key/value
  • delete_favorite(id) - delete a previously saved setting

Implementation details

The camera firmware implements favorite support by saving each favorite camera setting configuration to a separate file in the read/write partition (/mnt/rw/etc/camera_settings directory). The file naming convention is favorite_settings_$ID.txt where $ID is two digits '0' ... '9'. The name of the favorite is stored in the dictionary using the key label. The id is passed in the dictionary using the key 'id'.