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Version 2.1.6

Improvements over software release version 2.1:

  • Added Enhanced Dynamic Range EDR
  • Added Force Monochrome for color cameras
  • Added preferences tab in setting modal and removed Advanced Settings button. EDR and force monochrome settings are in the preferences tab.
  • Save and restore user setting when updating software after camera is updated to 2.1.6.
  • Fixed a calibration defect that occurs with some video capture settings when subsample is enabled.
  • Added support for setting the camera clock using NTP Network Time Protocol.
  • Added support for triggering a set of cameras using Multicast Network Trigger.
  • Fix defect that sometimes shows up when taking lots of videos without power cycling.
  • Added internal manufacturing test calibration procedures.
  • Fix Smart Calibrate related defect.
  • Change the default for Smart Calibrate to enabled.

You can get the update tarball from:

Version details

Build host: contra-lx
Built by: tfischer
Build date: 20151216204804
Build tag: ssc1
Build hash: 2f38202

Release Notes

Resolved defects

  • 201512100817 Long calibration for some setting with subsample enabled

Occasionally when subsample is enabled, certain frame sizes and shutter speeds cause the calibration cycle to take longer than two seconds to complete.

SDK API changes

  • Add CAMPAPI dictionary entries for EDR and force monochrome when calling configure_camera() and run().

Developer changes

  • None