Software release version 1.1

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Version 1.1

Primary focus was on resolving issue where saving video never completes, better storage full handling, adding new Finish saving feature, and improved timing.

Version details

Build host: contra-lx
Built by: tfischer
Build date: 20140110095910
Build tag: ssc1
Build hash: 7a7625e

Release Notes

  • New Finish Saving button (GREEN + arrows) allows the user to save the video up to the current point shown on save preview and discard the rest of the captured video frames.
  • Videos and metadata files now stored in /DCIM directory instead of directly in the root directory.
  • There is a limit on the number of files that can be stored in the SD card root directory. We recommend that you copy and delete the .mov and .txt files created by the previous version.
  • Better error handling when storage device becomes full.
  • External trigger is now edge sensitive.
  • FPGA changes to improve reliability.
  • Additional logging enabled to simplify identifying software issues occurring when saving video.
  • Software developer's kit now include python module which allows remote access to CAMAPI using HTTP. Also included are examples applications that use You can find the module and examples by browsing to the camera /static/host directory (e.g.
  • The Cancel button (WHITE + X) in this version can cause crashes in some rare circumstances. We recommend that you avoid using it, and use Finish Saving instead.
  • Formatting an SD card, either in the camera or in a computer involves a risk of permanently corrupting the SD card. When a card becomes full, we recommend that you delete files on your computer rather than formatting the SD card.

Resolved defects

  • 201312120403 Entering letters in the camera setting crashes camera
  • 201312111212 SD card insert not detected after saving to SD card and the card gets full

SDK API changes

  • Videos and metadata files now stored in /DCIM directory instead of directly in the root directory.
  • CAMAPI_FLAGS values changed
  • New CAMAPI methods save_stop()
  • New HTTP URLs /save_stop and /get_status_string
  • Renamed last_saved_filename() to get_last_saved_filename()
  • Renamed and change the sematics of get_free_storage_space() to get_storage_info()

Known defects

The following is the list of known defect in the version 1.1 release.

201406231552 IP address reported by file on SD card is wrong if the static IP address has been manually set

You can set the camera's static IP address by manually editing the /etc/network/interfaces file. When you take the network down and back up again, the camera's address changes, but the address reported by the file on the big SD card is wrong. The System LED that reports if a static or DHCP address is used; may give the wrong indication as well.

Thanks to Craig for reporting this defect.

201406180730 Device looses some settings during device software update

Settings stored in the micro SD card read/write partition are erased during a device update. Currently only manually configured network settings are stored in the read/write partition.

201404011023 DDR2 initialization logic incorrect

On some cameras, the camera does not boot due to incorrect DDR2 initialization logic. The problem has to due with which batch of DDR2 chips are in the camera.

201401101440 Web browser doesn't have the right aspect ratio when setting the height and width

The Web browser user interface does properly scale the live preview video images for some height and width values. The video is recorded correctly.

201312111624 File timestamp is in GMT

The camera was intentionally designed to use GMT for the timezone when saving video files. Some might consider this a defect (issue #182).

201312111442 Video file metadata has user configured duration not actual video file duration

If you trigger the camera before the pre-trigger buffer is full, the duration reported in the video file metadata is wrong (issue #181).

201312111058 When memory card is full playback and download buttons are inactive

You should be able to play the last saved video when the memory card is full, but the playback and download buttons are inactive (issue #179).

201312021613 Browser forward and back buttons may change camera settings

If you browse to another site and then use the browser back button to return to viewing the camera, your camera settings may have changed.

201311291648 Insert and remove remote trigger causes camera to trigger

If you have the camera running and insert or remove your remote trigger device, it will trigger the camera and cause a video file to be created on your storage device.

201311041114 Playing last recorded video can fail in rare cases

The camera will automatically switch which storage device is used when the current storage device fills up and another, non-full, storage device is available. You can not play the video recorded right before the switch occurs.

201311101454 CAMAPI does not detect new space on mounted storage device

CAMPI handles changes in storage status using an interrupt scheme (mdev). If your SD card is full and you telnet into the camera and delete some files, no event occurs, so CAMAPI doesn't detect there is now room and the memory full message is displayed.

Workaround: after deleting the files, remove and reinsert the storage device to create a change in storage status event.