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LabView integration


Dr. Perkins, Mechanical Engineering Professor at Auburn University, Non-Linear Dynamics Lab provided the following snippet, which he described as incredibly simple, given the edgertronic web interface:

Code Snippet

camUrl = [''];

%% trigger camera for bufferLg+stopTime
camTrigger = [''];


[do stuff]

camDownload = [''];

replacing with your camera's IP address as necessary.

From Dr. Perkins: It is almost too easy to list on the wiki site ... I've been using the camera quite a bit. It is featured in an upcoming conference publication (Crifasi, D., Ergle, M., Özdeş, H., and Perkins, E., “Vibratory system identification of 3D printed cantilever”, Proceedings of the ASME 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Pittsburg, PA (Accepted)).

Now, I want to know about the magic do stuff section. I wonder if you can track each individual particle in Dr. Perkins' Cymatics visualization video. I tried to track a particle that started in the vibrational anti-node area to guess which way it fell, but lost track as it got to the vibrational node. Next time I hope he paints one particle red.


LabView integration