How to report a camera issue

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If you have a problem with the camera, the more detailed information you provide, the quicker we can get the issue resolved. It also reduces the number of email exchanges needed to get to the root cause of the issue.

A friend of mine once told me that you can only respond to a vague question with a vague answer.

The steps below assume you can interact with the camera via the web browser. If you is not possible, please refer to the quick start guide.

Report steps to recreate the problem

Please provide:

  1. The camera settings (browse to and paste the output into the email)
  2. Steps taken that leads to the issue

Include the camera log

The camera logs all events (such as trigger or save complete) to a log file. I can often figure out what you did by looking at the log. The log file is lost when the camera has no power. You can access the log via:

Paste the output into your email.

Camera make and model

From the web user interface, open the setting modal, click on the about tab, and take a screen shot of the camera details to include with the email.

Web user interface

If the problem includes something you are seeing when viewing the user interface via the Chrome browser, please include a screenshot of the browser window.

Who cares

Please send the email to .