Direct video access from a laptop or tablet

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You can easily download videos and metadata files using your computer's file manager program (Finder on a Mac, Explorer on Windows, and Nautilus on Linux).

The WebDAV Internet standard is an abbreviation for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. WebDAV is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that allows you to upload and delete files, such as video and metadata files.

Replace with the IP address being used by your camera.

This feature may be supported in release 2.3.

Apple Mac OS X configuration

  • In Finder, Go -> Connect to Server
  • Select Connect As: Guest
  • Select which storage device (sdcard, usb) to view to retrieve movies and metadata files. You may need to go into the DCIM folder.

Copy and delete files using standard Finder features. Other features, such as rename or move, are not supported.

The log folder allows easy access to grab the messages files which contain the technical information Sanstreak needs if you encounter a problem using the camera.

Windows 10 configuration

The Windows file system application is called Explorer, not to be confused with the obsolete Internet Explorer.

  • You will see folders usb, sdcard, and net.

If you find when you enter windows opens the web browser, then use the Explorer file manager to map the URL to a letter drive, like Z:.

You need use to VLC, not Windows Media Player, to play the movie files as Windows Media Player doesn't support standard *.mov file format. You also need to copy the video file to your computer before playing the video.