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Who We Are

Edgertronic is a brand of Sanstreak Corp, founded in 2012 to open new markets and applications for high speed video. We are a lean startup that designs, manufactures and sells quality and innovative high speed cameras.


Excellence in engineering is paramount. We use skillful, clever and innovative engineering to make our products excel. Our hardware and product design makes the edgertronic smaller, lighter and simpler to manufacture. Our software makes the edgertronic easy to use and integrate in simple to complex applications. All in all, we offer a camera that does more, and costs less than our competitors.


We're located in Silicon Valley and use the very best manufacturing resources available. This includes contract as well as proprietary fabrication, assembly and test services. The camera is made int the USA and we're proud of it.

Direct Sales

We sell our product manufacturer direct. We don't use distributors, salesmen, or fancy marketing campaigns. These cost money and we'd ultimately have to pass the cost on to you. If like our product, please tell your friends and colleagues about us.